Golden Visa

Greece Still Welcomes Golden Visa Investment at One of Europe’s Most Affordable Rates

When Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced a price hike for Greece’s Golden Visa a few months back, many may have pondered whether the program would maintain its status as the most attractive residency by investment program in the world.  The vague announcement, coupled with a peculiar lack of details, made people believe that the Greek Golden Visa would jump from being one of...

Chinese Investors Expected to Storm Greek Real Estate Market

Chinese investors are expected to storm the Greek residential real estate market, global real estate giant Juwai IQI, headquartered in Malaysia, said in a report published on Tuesday. The company says that Portugal’s decision to effectively end its Golden Visa will turn Chinese investors to Greece. “We believe gold visa applications could climb by more than 50% in Greece with the close of...

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