Golden Visa


This program is available to third country citizens, who:
• Intend to invest in Greece, either as individuals or through a domestic legal entity, provided their investment plan documents the positive effects on the national economy.
• Are executives of companies that participate in the implementation or operation of the described investment plan (senior and middle management executives or specialists
vital to the plan). Up to 10 executives depending on the total amount of the investment, in addition to those who have received entry and residence permits as investors for the
same investment project.
• Are shareholders or executives of a foreign legal entity intending to invest in Greece. (Up to [3] three, depending on the amount of the investment).
Minimum investment amount: €250.000

“Given a 10% chance of a 100 times payoff,
you should take that bet every time.” Jeff Bezos


Residence permits granted to investors and executives may be renewed every five (5) years, as long as they maintain their position in relation to the investment and the investment continues to be active. Moreover, they may be accompanied by their family members who will be granted a family reunification residence permit without any additional requirements.

Investment activities may pertain to the construction of new facilities (greenfield investments) or business acquisitions, restructuring as well as to the expansion of existing activities (brownfield investments), in the fields of infrastructure, manufacturing, energy, tourism, agriculture, energy and strategic sectors.
A process of approval of the business plan by the Ministry of Development and evaluation of the positive effects on the national economy is implemented.
A national entry – type ‘D’ visa is required. The Residence Permit is issued within (2) two months from the day of application and biometric data submission.
You have the right to apply for citizenship is provided after 7 years of valid Residency status, in accordance with the current provisions of the Immigration Code.

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