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A gorgeous building, a sample of the amazing Neo-classical architecture that is preserved in the historical center of Athens, built in 1929. A fascinating four-story interwar building with notable architectural and decorative elements. The rhythm of it, is characterized by the

repetition of axes, pegs, and openings. Pesses have a base, a trunk and acute. The brickwork is isostructural, with strong joints on the ground loor and first floor. The balcony is a single neoclassical design with furousia and panels. In the openings of the ground floor and third floor there are keys. On the visor, there is serrated tape.


The building consists of 6 levels/floors, ground floor, the upper ground floor, and 4 more storeys.

The total surface of the building is 1.734,11 sq.m. The property also has a valid building permit until 18/10/2026.

The building is for sale with a complete study of 26 rooms/units, lobby area, 1 retail space/shop, laundry room, fitness center, and storage lockers.

The property is located in the heart of Athens, close to the Town Hall, surrounded by interesting building of older eras, right next to Athinas Str., Varvakio market, Kapnikarea Church, Ermou Str. as well as Omonia square.



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