Russian landing in Elounda

The opening of the new boutique hotel "Island Concept", which is part of the integrated tourist complex "Elounda Hills" of the Mirum company (which is of Russian interest), is expected to take place next Saturday. Although the current situation, due to the pandemic, is unfavorable for opening new units, the hotel, which has 17 suites, has secured reservations for the months of July & August

The bookings are exclusively from Russian tourists, with Mirum Hellas (which is controlled by Russian businessman Vitaly Borisov) having already developed and managing four touristic villages in Moscow. Therefore Mirum has a database of at least 1,500 customers, from which, a very small fraction is enough to lead to a 100% occupancy of Island Concept.


It took about two years to complete the renovation of the former Akrotiri Hotel, located on six acres in the Almyros area of ​​Agios Nikolaos, and about 7m euros were invested (initial investment was about 2m). The majority of the suites have a private pool, while the Hotel Management has been undertaken by the company Aria Hotel, which belongs to the Libra group.

"Island Concept, and consequently Elounda Hills, will help boost the local and national economy," Mirum's legal representative in Greece, Konstantinos Dedes, told

Minister of Development Adonis Georgiadis, Deputy Minister of Development Nikos Papathanasis, and Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors of Libra Group Michael G. Logothetis are expected to be present during the opening ceremony scheduled for next Saturday. For Libra group, Island Concept is the fourth hotel they will be managing in Crete.


The main investment, amounting to more than 400 million euros, i.e. the Elounda Hills resort, is estimated that it could get licensed, upon ensuring its building permit, until the end of the year.

The development, in a plot of 840 acres that has come to be from the merger of individual properties, is divided into six independent sections (Tsifliki, Ellinika, Koundouros, Akrotiri, Mikro Vathi and Vathi) and corresponds to a structural area of ​​130,000 sq.m. In addition to the boutique hotel, Mirum Hellas plans to build a 5star hotel of 200-beds, and more than 340-holiday homes, which will be available at prices ranging from 250,000 euros to 2 million euros. Also part of the investment is 17 luxury villas of 400-450 sq.m., which have already been built and are available from 2 to 11 million euros each, as well as the Koundourou villa that was already there and has been purchased by Mirum Hellas.