Changes made on Law 4251/2014 that are now in force

Changes made on Law 4251/2014 that are now in force (after the publication of the Law 4868/2020) :

1) We no longer need the passport in order to receive the Golden Visa, only a certified copy of the passport and the blue statement. The Law doesn’t specify who must certify the copy of the passport, but most likely passports will be certified by our lawyers/proxy.

2) The Investor doesn’t have to pay in full, before the time of the contract, before the submission of the application.
In this case, two contracts will be signed
A. the main purchase contract and
B. a receipt – contract for the final payment of the purchase.

Also, an additional statement will be drafted and signed by the Notary which will include all the details of the payment will be required.

3) The Ministers of Economy, Development and Immigration are authorized by Law to issue a joint decision in order to adjust the minimum purchase price for the investment and to draft a catalog of different areas of Greece with different minimum purchase prices for the investment with a duration of at least five years.

4) For the Investor’s children, the Golden Visa can be renewed for an additional 3 years, up until the age of 24 years old.